"Man - despite his artistic pretensions, his sophistication, and his many accomplishments - owes his existence to a six inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.(author unknown)

Without good top soil our plants, trees and food will not survive.  We need to care and nurture the soil we have.  Exensive farming, weather and building is reducing the soil extensively in the UK  (Glasod study).  We understand the importance and we aim to work with our clients and soil scientists to supply the finest -while caring for the soil we have.

What makes a good soil?

A healthy topsoil should be about half solid materials and half pore spaces, allowing the soil to breathe, as well as absorbing moisture quickly when it rains.

Friable, porous topsoils make it easier for plant roots to grow and for small soil invertebrates to move around.

 Well-structured soils:

  •  retains the moisture necessary for microbial activity,
  •  nutrient cycling
  • promotes vigorous plant growth
  • and are less prone to erosion.

A composty smell indicates high levels of biological activity, particularly fungi. Great for our veggies and flowers.

The soil should be fluffy and feel light and springy under your feet. Can you easily push a screwdriver in up to the handle?

TLC, soil is alive and you need it to keep you fit and well, the tender loving care you give will pay you back

Add compost as a soil conditioner yearly, just add to the top and let the worms do the work

What is organic matter and nutrients?

    • Nitrogen (N) Nitrogen is a part of all living cells and is a necessary part of all proteins, enzymes and metabolic processes involved in the synthesis and transfer of energy. Nitrogen is a part of chlorophyll, the green pigment of the plant that is responsible for photosynthesis. Helps plants with rapid growth, increasing seed and fruit production and improving the quality of leaf and forage crops. Nitrogen often comes from fertilizer application and from the air (legumes get their N from the atmosphere, water or rainfall contributes very little nitrogen)

    • Phosphorus (P) Like nitrogen, phosphorus (P) is an essential part of the process of photosynthesis. Involved in the formation of all oils, sugars, starches, etc. Helps with the transformation of solar energy into chemical energy; proper plant maturation; withstanding stress. Effects rapid growth. Encourages blooming and root growth. Phosphorus often comes from fertilizer, bone meal, and superphosphate.

    • Potassium (K) Potassium is absorbed by plants in larger amounts than any other mineral element except nitrogen and, in some cases, calcium. Helps in the building of protein, photosynthesis, fruit quality and reduction of diseases. Potassium is supplied to plants by soil minerals, organic materials, and fertilizer.

    • Calcium (Ca) Calcium, an essential part of plant cell wall structure, provides for normal transport and retention of other elements as well as strength in the plant. It is also thought to counteract the effect of alkali salts and organic acids within a plant. Sources of calcium are dolomitic lime, gypsum, and superphosphate.

    • Magnesium (Mg) Magnesium is part of the chlorophyll in all green plants and essential for photosynthesis. It also helps activate many plant enzymes needed for growth. Soil minerals, organic material, fertilizers, and dolomitic limestone are sources of magnesium for plants.
    • Remember

      Soil conditions should encorage soil organisms to live in harmony. Think carefully about the effects of any drenches, pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers you may be using.

      If you order soil and it has brick dust or small amounts of tarmac, send it back..its contaminated

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